See Exactly What's Going on in Your Pipes

See Exactly What's Going on in Your Pipes

Choose us for camera drain inspections in Santee, CA

Arsenal Plumbing and Drains, Inc offers camera drain inspections in Santee, CA. Our team uses a high-tech drain camera that's flexible so it can travel through every twist and turn in your pipes.

Drain inspections are useful because the video footage is immediately transmitted to the technician in real time. A plumber will use this footage to assess the current state of your sewer and drain lines and locate any problems right away, giving you the peace of mind you deserve. We also save the footage for future reference. Contact our team today to schedule a drain inspection.

We'll get to the root of the problem

Alongside camera drain inspections, we offer also offer camera sewer inspection services. Through this service, a plumber will detect where the problem areas are in your sewer lines. We recommend sewer camera inspection services if you:

  • Experience sewer and drain line backups frequently
  • Have unexpectedly high water bills
  • Deal with slow drains or clogs on a regular basis

Our team can determine if there is a sewer line leak or obstruction through an inspection. Call 619-647-0448 now to learn more about our sewer and drain inspections.