Don't Let a Trickle Turn Into a Flood

Don't Let a Trickle Turn Into a Flood

Schedule timely water leak detection & water line plumbing services in El Cajon & Santee, CA

Early detection is key to containing a water leak at your home or business. Keep water damage from turning into a tidal wave of costly repairs with water leak detection from Arsenal Plumbing and Drains, Inc. A skilled plumber will employ a variety of methods-from reading your water meter to using state-of-the-art sensors and cameras-to locate and repair the leak before it causes more damage.

If you think your El Cajon & Santee, CA area home or business has a water leak, seek professional plumbing services right away.

5 signs you might have a serious water leak

When you're dealing with a water leak, the damage can get out of hand fast. Contact a qualified plumber right away if you notice:

  • An unexpected spike in your water bill
  • Water stains or mold on your ceiling
  • Unusually hot or cold spots on your floor
  • The sound of running water inside your walls
  • Water pooling around the foundation of your house
Take control of your water leak without delay. Call 619-647-0448 for emergency plumbing services in the El Cajon & Santee, California area.