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There's nothing more frustrating than finding your shower unusable or that your sink drain is backed up. If you're in need of help, a plumber from Arsenal Plumbing and Drains, Inc can restore your pipes and drains in no time at all.

Our qualified staff will service, repair, and maintain anything from water heaters to drains 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Don't let a block in your drains stop you from carrying on with your day. Call us today to schedule your plumbing service in San Diego, CA.

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Water Heaters

Get hot water on-demand in your home. Explore our site or call today for more information or to schedule water heater services in the greater San Diego area.

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Tune up your drains and faucets. Learn more from our services page or call today to schedule drain or faucet services in and around San Diego, CA.

General Plumbing

Let us fix any of your plumbing problems. Explore our services page or contact us today for general plumbing information and maintenance in San Diego and surrounding areas.